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Frontier Land Consulting Ltd. is an innovative management consulting and software development firm specializing in gaining surface land access for clients and creating innovative GIS solutions for Land Agents.

We have worked on numerous cleantech and clean energy projects including hydro power, electricity transmission lines, 5G and fibre optic internet. We have a team of Licensed Surface Land Agents seeking to grow the clean tech and clean energy industry and expand into new markets such as helium, hydrogen, and lithium mining.

We have also worked for numerous energy and oil & gas pipelines.

About Us

Serving Canadians for 15+ Years

Frontier Land Consulting Ltd. is a management consulting firm, catering to clients seeking to gain surface land access, most often for the sake of building infrastructure.

Matt Maier, Founder and CEO, has 16 years of Landman experience with a focus on construction attendance & supervision. His land acquisition experience encompasses a broad range of industries including pipelines (gathering, transmission & distribution), electrical transmission, telecom/fibre optic cable, nuclear waste repository, and oil & natural gas drilling.

Matt has worked as a Land Agent in 5 Canadian provinces (ON, MB, SK, AB & BC) including CER regulated projects. Matt has supervised countless construction and remediation projects. He has also successfully negotiated thousands of land agreements for energy companies, utilities, and government agencies.

Land Access Consulting

Matt has years of experience on major pipeline projects determining route selection, integrity dig screening & construction attendance/supervision. Matt has a broad agricultural perspective dealing with landowners on both dry land & irrigation farming practices as well as leaseholders of Crown dispositions. Additionally, he has extensive experience obtaining land interests in densely populated urban areas.

Mat has negotiated easements, rights of way, surface leases, damage claim settlements, amendments, road use agreements, compensation reviews, work permits, survey, option agreements, temporary workspace, & multiple other land interests for countless major infrastructure development projects. Matt has held responsibility for stakeholder relations including First Nations (Alexis, Alexander, Carry The Kettle & Ochapowace to name a few) and environmental consultation as well as participation in municipality meetings.


We are currently developing an innovative GIS software that will enable Land Agents, such as those working at Frontier Land Consulting, to gain a summarized overview of the land, and the various infrastructure below the land, they are working with.

On the surface, land looks simple and straightforward, but taking a deeper look reveals there are various infrastructure within the same area such as irrigation & water, electrical, communications (internet & phone), and so much more.

These various infrastructure are complicated to keep track of, especially for Land Agents trying to negotiate for just one system, which is why we are developing a GIS system designed for Land Agents.

Our LSM (Land Systems Management) system empower Land Agents to easily understand all the different systems on the land they are working on so they can ensure new projects don’t conflict with existing infrastructure and regulations.

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